My Baby Shower Vlog 5 & Game Ideas

My Baby Shower! Baby Bump Vlog #5

Here are footage and images from my wonderful baby shower this past August.  I was 31 weeks along at the time.  Thanks to my family for hosting the beautiful party, and for the guests for attending & giving us awesome gifts for our baby boy!

This party was hosted by some of my family members; they took care of the venue, the food, decorations, and games.  My only request for my I want it to be as entertaining as possible since there were over 60 guests in attendance, so I was in charge of a few games.  Here are details of the shower games we played.  Some I found by searching online, and some were just variations of party games I have played in the past.

Baby Bottle Drinking Game- This one is a classic!  The bottles were filled with juice & the contestants had a 2 minute time limit.  If you want to see who could finish the bottle the quickest, you might want to snip a bigger hole in the bottle nipple, because it would take forever to finish!

Baby Dress-up Game- This is one I made up, which is a variation of the toilet paper wedding dress-up game, but instead I made it like a baby fashion show.  This one is always a lot of fun!  It’s also a good way to get a lot of people to participate in the game as well as voting to see who the crowd favorite is.  Just make sure you have a lot of prizes since the entire group should win.

Poopy Diaper Candy Bar Game (not shown in the video above) – This is an awesome game where you take a variety of candy bars, melt them individually in the microwave and mush them up so the type of candy bar is not easily recognizable & looks like baby poop Laughing.  Typically, you’re supposed to put each melted candy bar in it’s own diaper, but I didn’t want to waste any diapers so we just used little bowls.  Whoever guesses the most correct wins!

Baby Shower Trivia Games – I wanted to take advantage of the big-screen t.v. they had, so I created trivia games using Keynote software (like PowerPoint, but for a Mac).  People answered the questions on little sheets of paper.  I wanted to do these trivia games using nice visuals as you may have seen in the video above.  This was a replacement of the typical baby shower scrambled words or crossword puzzle games.

I created 3 types of trivia games with questions about Pregnancy (shown in the video), one that had photos of  families from popular t.v. shows & you had to list the names of the children, and one that had photos of celebrity babies & you had to list the celebrity Mommies.  Whoever guesses the most correct wins!

Other Baby Shower Games played but not shown in the video:

Guess My Preggo Belly Size- Guests cut a piece of ribbon according to the estimated circumference of my pregnant belly.  Everyone measures their ribbon to see if they got the closest length of ribbon.  Closest wins!

Baby Food Taste Testing- Jars of baby food are lined up with flavor labels covered up. Contestants taste-test the baby food & write their guesses on a sheet of paper.  Whoever guesses the most correct wins!


MOMMY ADVICE TREE- Mothers write their special mommy advice on the leaves of this tree for the Mama-to-be!

Stayed tuned for a few more upcoming Baby Bump Vlogs including a Nursery Tour, 3rd Trimester, and who knows, maybe even Labor & Delivery since it’s coming up very soon!

Thanks for sharing these moments with me! My husband & I are overjoyed!