Psychic Reading with Sandy & Mongo

Psychic Reading With My Dogs, Sandy & Mongo

Lisa Larson is an Animal Communicator, Animal Medium & Reiki Master.  She uses telepathy to communicate with animals.  Please visit her website for more information & testimonials at  I highly recommend you listen to the two-part reading she did on All Paws Pet Talk Radio and compare & contrast it to mine.

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1. When was this reading performed & how long did it take?

This reading was performed on December 11, and as mentioned, it was over an hour long!

2. If this call was an hour long, what happened in between?  What did you cut out?

You are only seeing the highlights of this reading & there was a lot of waiting in between as she communicated with them.  After she spoke with me, she communicated with them for about 30 seconds each time on average.  That’s how a typical reading is like.  Sometimes we spent some time trying to figure out something, like we were decoding what Sandy & Mongo was showing them; example was in the beginning when she was getting the “Nervous Nelly” vibe, she had to communicate back & forth until the reading made sense.  In that case, Sandy turned out to give off the nervous vibes when during her last hours because she was pacing around.

There were only a few things that didn’t connect, for example, she kept seeing this Christmas ribbon & after a while since I couldn’t figure out what it meant, I just took note of it for the future.  As she mentioned, not everything that the soul communicates during a reading “is a hit” or makes sense right off the bat.

3. What is it like to speak to Sandy & Mongo, do they have different voices?

We often think a psychic reading is about seeing their physical body in a ghost form talking to you, but what I read on her website & learned during the reading is that she is connecting to their mind & basically communicates what they’re saying.  In other words, she uses telepathy, which is defined as: “Apparent communication from one mind to another without using sensory perceptions [syn: thought transference]“  Once I understood this, I realized why she sometimes couldn’t figure out if she was communicating with Sandy or with Mongo.

4.  What did she know about Sandy & Mongo prior to the psychic reading?

I mentioned this in the beginning of the video.  She knew their names, how long they lived, why they passed away, and also had one photo of each of them.  She didn’t want to know anything about their personality.  I wanted to keep the reading open ended and just see what they wanted to tell me even though I had absolutely no desire to hear anything that would make me upset.  Obviously, there was no way to avoid that.  I really didn’t want to rehash how Sandy was feeling during her last hours, however, Lisa discussing how Sandy had difficulty breathing was spot on!  I hate thinking about that Frown I can hear the way she breathed in my head.

5.  How much did the reading cost & was it worth it?

I paid $80 for a 1 hour reading & it was worth every penny!  I even spoke with Lisa for about 20 more minutes after the reading to clarify things (FYI- not sure if that’s free of charge for everyone, so don’t quote me on that!)

6.  Was there anything you were surprised about?

Definitely!  Lisa described my house (not completely shown), then the whole thing about the wind blowing through the front door!  What a jaw-dropper that was!  How could she have known about that?

Also that thing about my baby being able to see Mongo.  She went on to discuss how he has a stronger vibrational capacity to see “across the veil” like other children & pets do – sorry, that’s pretty deep & actually a bit freighting to me!  Anyhow, I remember him staring at the blank wall giggling when he was a few weeks old & I just happened to ask him, “Do you see the doggies or something?”  Now I always have that on my mind whenever he does that, and I’m not afraid; it just makes me smile now.

Lastly, I was so thrilled to be able to speak with Sandy most of the time.  When I had her, we had a very special connection, like she was my rock, however she didn’t really have a strong “voice” because she was so reserved, calm, and quiet, unlike Mongo.  We always gave him a “voice” because he was so animated & happy, so it was easy to understand everything on his mind.  Sandy took the lead & gave me piece of mind telling me that I shouldn’t feel any guilt regarding their passing & reassured me that I gave them a great life.  It was very true: Sandy was the one who taught me how to be a Mom.

7.  How did Sandy & Mongo pass away? 

Sandy had Congestive Heart Failure & was diagnosed in January 2010.  She was a fighter, took medication to help her heart for almost three years & stayed with me as long as she could.  Mongo had a liver disease that seemed to take him overnight.  His passing was a complete shock.  It was great to hear he is doing well from this reading.  For more information about their passing, check out this past blog post.

In Closing…

Having confirmed that my dogs are happy & that they are thankful about the happy life I gave them was all I could ever ask for as their Mom.  Now I’m prepared to be an even better Mom to my son, Nathaniel, because of them.  Thank you Sandy & Mongo!

December 23: It’s a special day!

I hardly have any time to edit videos with a newborn, but I worked my butt off the past couple of weeks to edit it by today, December 23.  This day is important because Sandy would have turned 15 years old!  It’s great to know all of the wonderful things she said during this reading & I look forward to seeing both Sandy & Mongo again one sweet day! Innocent

Thanks to everyone who have supported me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, especially during tough times like this.  It’s great to be able to heal from their loss & focus on the great times. Kiss

I appreciate your patience with my ability to make new videos for both my channels as I go through these major life changes.  It was a bittersweet yet amazing past couple of months, and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!

With love,

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