1st time WALKING! My Week with Nate #42

Baby’s 1st time WALKING! My Week with Nate #42

We can now officially call Nathaniel a WALKER as of July 23, 2013! In this video, he was 42 weeks/9 months old, but turning 10 months old soon. Right after I shared this video of Nathaniel ALMOST WALKING, he took his first couple of unassisted steps. Now after working on it for a few weeks and building up his confidence, he surprised my husband & I by taking many steps multiple times in a row! We were thrilled as you can see in this video. Sorry for my gross appearance, I have no makeup on, & I just finished working out. We started eating dinner, and noticed Nathaniel taking several steps!  So I began to continue enticing him with a salt grinder & lemon juice container..he LOVES food containers & anything that is not a toy! LOL! We are SOOO proud of him! Even though everyone is warning us that we have to “watch out!” We are so thrilled about this milestone. Plus he is getting really heavy for me to always be carrying him! Congrats baby Nate! YOU DID IT!!! XOXO- Mommy & Daddy :)

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*MORE VIDEOS COMING SOON!!! Postpartum Weight Loss, Nate’s Milestones, 1st Birthday, Family trips, Beauty, Cooking, etc.

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