How I Got My Body Back! Postpartum Weight Loss Tips

Postpartum Weight Loss Tips: HOW I GOT MY BODY BACK! 

FINALLY! My much anticipated video on how I lost my pregnancy weight! I’m currently 10 months postpartum & 4 pounds LESS than my pre-pregnancy weight!  I was in the BEST shape of my adult life before I got pregnant (thanks to dancing on YouTube & you guys watching me). I never thought I would get my body back so quickly! Sure, my body is not perfect; I have a loose belly skin & tons of permanent scars from stretch marks around my belly, but I am proud of my body & the fact that I was able to birth a child.


Hopefully if you’re reading this, you have already watched the video because I’m going to talk about my secret weapon, Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson.  That is the workout program that I used to get my body back.  I wanted to share how I used the program, which is not quite what is recommended.  However, I still got results!

  • First of all, it’s designed to give you results in 90 days.  I used the program during a span of five months; there was no way I could work out as much as the program wants with a newborn!
  • I worked out only when I had time, which was 3-4 times a week on average.  The program requires 10 days of working out straight, then one day off (I believe, sorry not sure because I did not do it).
  • There are 9 different workouts in this program to keep your muscles challenged & guessing so you don’t get bored.  You’re supposed to do the same workout 10 times, then move on.  I only followed that for the first 3 workouts, then I did the next workouts only about 5 times.  I was getting stronger, got a bit bored, and wanted a challenge.
  • There’s a very strict, clean diet plan that is included in the program.  I could not diet since I was breastfeeding.  I think if I did diet, I really could lose weight super fast, so I’ll save that for later when I really need to lose weight (hopefully never).  Regardless, I don’t really believe in fad diets like no carbs, the South Beach diet, or gluten-free (unless it’s medically necessary).  If a diet is temporary, the results are temporary.  For me, it’s all about eating a well-balanced diet with bad food avoided/in moderation.
  • I also used her Post-Pregnancy workout program, which is a single 45-minute workout.  I loved that one because it really worked my abs.  I did that workout 1-2 times a week.
  • Lastly, there is a 30-minute cardio dance routine that you’re supposed to do EVERY SINGLE DAY in addition of the muscular structure workout!  I barely have time for the other 30-minute workouts!  I tried it once and didn’t like it.  You know that I’m a dancer, but it was just to “willy-nilly” for me, like a 30-minute freestyle.  I’d rather go out for a 30-minute jog or use the stair mill at the gym.


What worked for me may not work for everyone, especially if working out at home or doing this style of movement isn’t your thing.  I have been leading an active lifestyle since I was 14 years old playing sports in high school, dance in college, and various fitness hobbies & activities throughout my adult life.  One thing I’ve never tried was sticking with a program like this for as long as I have (even though it was throughout a span of 5 months).  As you’ll see in this video, I have results.   I think the fact that I did these three things:

1) tried something different

2) stick with it

3) challenged myself by adding weights to the program

I was able to lose the weight & improve my body shape.  Do I think other programs like P90X, Zumba, etc. will work too if I do the same three things above?  ABSOLUTELY.  You just have to pick the right exercise program too that you will enjoy.  I enjoyed it so much, that I’m going to try the program again because I miss it!

That’s it!!!  Good luck with your weight loss if that’s something you’re working on.  Let me know in the comments what you did to lose weight & how it worked out for you. – MMC

*MORE VIDEOS COMING SOON!!! Baking, Beauty, Nate’s 1st birthday Party, etc. A stretch marks solutions & helpful postpartum weight loss foods video to come as well. Please comment if you have other suggestions. I appreciate it!