REVIEW: Nike + Kinect Training

Nike Plus Kinect Training REVIEW + GAMEPLAY 

 Thanks for your likes & comments! Hi guys! Long time, no see again! Well, I’m still here just focusing on my family, my vlog channel, and honestly, I was sick of the darn green screen taking up my whole living room for several months! Anyway, being fit is extremely important to me. As a busy new mom, I have to spend my little free time wisely, and exercising is what I chose to do most. I like to do intense workout DVD’s, go jogging, and chasing my son around (he has been walking for the past month) keeps me really busy.

I’m very pleased to share this Nike Plus Kinect review with you since it combines my love of exercise with the Kinect! I did a total of 8 sessions in 4 weeks, which is 2 sessions per week. I could’ve done more, but I like to do multiple workout programs at the same time, so that’s all I had time for. Feel free to ask me questions, but if you want to know my results, my fitness regimen, or want to know how I got my body back so quickly after having a baby, please be sure to check out my video “Postpartum Weight Loss Tips: How I Got My Body Back.”


I tried this program because I wanted to tone up.  At 10 months postpartum, I was already happy with my weight because I have slimmed down to weigh less than prior to my pregnancy!  This Nike+ Kinect Training program is not the only I do for my fitness regimen.  I run on average of 6 miles per week, and I like to do at least two muscular structure workouts at home with my Tracy Anderson DVD’s.  So, that said, I could not credit all of my results to the particular program.  The way that I measured me progress was the Nike Fuel Print, which is mentioned in this video.  I had an athleticism score of 53 when I tested prior to the 4-week program.  After the 4-week program, I tested with a score of 62, which is a 9 point increase!  That definitely tells me that this program is effective.  I also feel a bit stronger in my legs, and can feel it when I run.  This game definitely helps me to feel “athlete fit.”

PLEASE COMMENT: Let me know what you think of the game & if this is something you’d like to try out. If you have the game, let me know how it has worked for you, etc.