Walking Pro & 11 Month Update

WALKING PRO! 11 month update РMy Week with Nate #44-50 РMMCvlog 

Hi all! Great seeing you again! It’s been almost 2 months since my last “My Week with Nate” video. I taped the intro of this video when he turned 11 months old several weeks ago. The footage in this video is from August-September weeks 44-50 (age 10-11 months old). His first birthday is coming up next week & I’ll definitely share footage! Can’t wait!

*MORE VIDEOS COMING SOON!!! Baking videos (I’m baking all the desserts for Nate’s 1st bday, including his bday cake!), Nate Lost Footage, Beauty video requests, etc. Please comment if you have other suggestions. I appreciate it!

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