Nathaniel’s 1st Birthday Party – 2 videos!

Nathaniel’s 1st BIRTHDAY PARTY! 

I can’t believe how quickly this year has passed! Nathaniel’s 1st Birthday party was hosted on Saturday, September 28, at Coronado Tidelands Park. After months of planning and preparation, the party was a great success! This first year with my son was the most challenging, yet rewarding of my life for my husband & I, which is why we wanted to go all out for this celebration. One of the most important aspects of a party I host is entertainment for all ages. All the food was homemade with the help of my parents, and I made his birthday cakes. Each year, I want to make my son’s birthday cakes (as long as he lets me), which is why I taught myself how to decorate cakes the past couple months.

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy, Nathaniel, and thank you for sharing these special moments with me.

Nathaniel Goes Shopping – 11 months old 

Just a short little tidbit I put together of Nate shopping at the Nike store & Babies ‘R Us. He’s 11 months old in this video & doesn’t like to be confined to a shopping cart or stroller for long anymore! So yeah, we pretty much let him explore & hope he doesn’t destroy anything!

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