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mightymecreativeI’m often seen dancing or vlogging about my life as a new mom on YouTube.I go by the nickname “MMC,” which stands for Mighty Me Creative, and was coined by my YouTube viewers.  I was discovered in November 2010 as the very first consumer to post the home videos of myself on YouTube playing Dance Central, a dance video game that uses the Kinect for Xbox 360.

Making YouTube videos is a hobby that I have really grown to love.  I make videos because people tell me they enjoy watching them, and they give me a rare opportunity to be a performer!  I get to express my love for dance and my creative side with the video producing.


My Son's First 6 monthsI’m married, and my husband is my best friend and number one supporter!  As a gamer, he originally introduced me to Dance Central & convinced me to make videos for YouTube.  You probably wouldn’t know me if it wasn’t for him!
I’m a first-time mom as of September 2012.  We live with our son, who is the apple of our eye.  We live in sunny San Diego, California, where I was born and raised.
My favorite things to do are watch reality TV shows, work out, play with my son & go shopping!
MIGHTY ME CREATIVEI came up with the name “Mighty Me Creative” while pursuing my second business degree.  I’m small, yet mighty, and creativity is my strength.  I want to design products, run businesses, write books, dance, teach, and perform for a living.  I’m content with knowing that I have the rest of my life to pursue all of these goals.


YOUTUBEThe MightyMeCreative YouTube Channel was established on November 6, 2010.  It was never intended to be only a gameplay channel, but it has stayed in that niche since gameplay was the first videos posted and how the channel was discovered.  In addition to Dance Central, there are gameplay videos of Michael Jackson The Experience, Hip Hop Dance Experience, Just Dance 3 & Yoostar 2 all using the Kinect for Xbox 360.  There are also interviews with video game developers & choreographers, as well as game-related skits.

Now with over 125 videos posted garnering over 10 million total YouTube views, recognition from the creators of Dance Central, as well as a feature on Xbox LIVE’s Kinect Show, MMC has created a fan base of 20,000 subscribers & counting!


I started a second channel, MMC Vlog, to showcase non-gameplay related videos, and share a bit of my personal life.  There I have videos of old college dance performances, home videos of my dogs, and vacation vlogs.  In the summer of 2012, this channel was partnered by the Mom Pulse group.  I kicked off the partnership with my Baby Bump vlog series, which documented my entire pregnancy through birth of my son.

“I love to entertain, make people smile, be a good role model, and just be true to myself.”

MORE INFO Here are some quick Facts & Faves about me!If you’re a fan of my dance videos, here are some FAQ’s.