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Facts & Faves


-       I’m 5 feet tall

-       My ethnic background is Filipino

-       I am happily married & very blessed to have a baby boy born as of September 2012

-       I live in San Diego, California.  Born & raised, baby!

-       Zodiac sign: Scorpio Birthday: October 30

- My real name? I just like to go by MMC! I’m  just regular person, so I want my privacy too!

- I’m a lefty, and so is my brother & Dad. We’re all pretty artistic in different ways.

-       I’m a middle child; I have an older brother & a little sister. Yes, I have middle child syndrome!

-       I have a Business Marketing Bachelor’s, a degree in Fashion Marketing, & a minor in Int’l Dance.

-       My ‘real’ job used to be in fashion product development, but I’m a stay-at-home Mommy now & I love it!

-       If I weren’t working in business or fashion, I think I’d make a great hair stylist!

- I’m a huge BRAVO TV fan!!!  I love the Real Housewives series & almost all shows except the cooking ones!

-       My biggest dream is to entertain for a living!

In June 2011, I went on a West Mediterranean cruise in Europe, and I reminisce every single day about how much fun it was.  In January 2012, I visited East Caribbean aboard the Allure of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world!