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Dance Central FAQ



  1. To create the split-screen, I use video editing software: Adobe Premiere & iMovie ‘11.
  2. To create my current videos, I use a green screen & Adobe Premiere to superimpose me onto the full gameplay background.
  3. I currently use an HD PVR to record the gameplay & Canon HD camcorder, which allows you to see my recent videos in HD 1080p.
  4. From November 2010 to March 2011, I used two cameras recording the television and me simultaneously: a Nikon DSLR & Canon Point & Shoot.
  5. Editing videos is quite time consuming.  Check out my blog about the anxiety I get from making videos!
  6. In addition to the time it takes to perfect a dance routine, it usually takes up to 3 hours to get the final 100% Gold Star performance you see on YouTube.  I think the added pressure of taping is why I mess up and take so long to get the right take for YouTube.


  1. My XBOX Gamertag is MightyMeCreativ (no E), but I don’t have a friends list ever since my gold membership expired.  I hate constantly having to delete people to add new people with the 100 person limit!  I will start up a new friends list & add the fans I communicate with the most as a priority if I re-activate my gold membership.
  2. I’m a casual gamer who only plays Kinect games. Dance Central is why I started playing videos games in November 2010.
  3. I’m not affiliated with Dance Central or any gaming company, site, or blog.  I represent MightyMeCreative!


  1. My favorite Dance Central song to dance is “Turnin Me On” by Keri Hilson.  I have so many favorites in DC2, so to name a few: Bad Romance, Toxic, Rude Boy, Conceited, Only Girl, & more!
  2. My process with learning a new song is that do the breakdown on Hard until I pass all moves. After the breakdown, I practice until I get 5 stars.  That usually takes an 1-2 hours depending on difficulty.
  3. I’m into swagger, not score!  My goal is to perform the routine like the avatar, but even better like a human being with SWAG!!!
  4. My aim is 100% & Gold Stars.  I’m NOT big on score &  I never check the leader board.  I know this is opposite of how most people play; but dance performance is most important to me.
  5. I didn’t know the meaning of Gold Stars or aimed for 100% until I first got 100% for “Move Ya Body” in January!


  1. Songs that do not come with the original game are called DLC or Downloadable Content.  They cost $3 U.S. or 240 MS Points.   
  2. For more questions about the game, see Dance Central Support.


  1. My first dance class was in college when I was 18.  I loved dancing so much; I worked toward a minor in dance.  I trained in mostly contemporary dance, preferred international dance styles such as Flamenco, Salsa, Afro-Cuban, and Balinese.  My true love was hip-hop and pop jazz dancing, which was aligned to the type of music I love, so the movement is natural to me.
  2. After college, I would take hip-hop & Zumba classes from time-to-time to fulfill my need to dance; now of course, I can do it in my own living room with Kinect dance games!

PERSONAL FAQ:  See Facts & Faves, and About Me.

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